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Philam Vitality Additional Coverage

Enjoy exclusive insurance privileges as you live healthier. With Philam Vitality Active Series or BPI Philam Wellness Series insurance plans, you instantly get additional coverage of 20% on your health, accident and life insurance. You can even get higher additional coverage as you go along. The higher your Philam Vitality Status each year, the more rewards you get.

What You Need to Know

As a Philam Vitality member, you instantly get additional coverage of 20% on basic life insurance and other rider benefits, if any, just by paying an additional Php 1,200 annually.

Insurance Plan Type

Active Series Insurance Plan

Wellness Series Insurance Plan

First Year Additional Coverage

Unit-linked Protection Plans



Family Provider


Build Estate Plus


Critical Care Plus


Health Invest Plus

Critical Care Max


Life Ready Plus


Traditional Health and Life Insurance Plan

Joint Critical Protect

Family Care Plus


You can even get higher additional coverage, as high as 50%, in the succeeding years as you get healthier. On the other hand, the additional coverage may decrease but will not be lower than zero.

For more details on Philam Vitality or the Philam Vitality Insurance Plan Series, consult your Philam Life financial advisor or BPI-Philam bancassurance sales executive.

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