Philam Vitality Points and Status

Earn Philam Vitality Points

You can find out how to earn Philam Vitality Points through engaging in healthy activities with Philam Vitality. Click here to see all the ways you can earn points.

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Philam Vitality Points Needed to Improve Your Philam Vitality Status

As a Philam Vitality member, you start off your journey on Bronze status. As you get healthier and accumulate Philam Vitality Points, your status improves from Bronze, to Silver, then Gold and ultimately Platinum! The higher your status, the greater your rewards.

Here's how many points you need to reach each status:


Points run for 1 policy year and start at 0 at the beginning of the new year.

Statuses are carried over to the next year, but can be increased at any time.