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Being the first to combine mixed martial arts and fitness, UFC Gym Philippines has developed an atmosphere where members can revel in immediate results, united by the winning dedication to TRAIN DIFFERENT.

What You Need to Know

As a Philam Vitality member, you can enjoy up to 70% off on UFC Gym champion membership across all branches in the Philippines.

Membership TypePhilam Vitality Discounted (PHP)

3 months


1 year


If you’re already a UFC Gym member, you can choose to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the Philam Vitality discount through the Existing Member Application form. Your membership period will be extended by a certain number of months, depending on how much of your remaining membership fee still has to be paid. UFC Gym will calculate the number of months to be added to your new contract period by dividing the amount remaining to be paid for your current membership by the monthly Philam Vitality discounted amount.

Example: Mr. Santos signs up for a 3-month membership at UFC Gym in January 2019. He pays a lump sum total of Php18,000 at the regular UFC rate of Php6,000 per month.

In February 2019, he decides to join Philam Vitality and upgrades his UFC Gym membership to take advantage of the Philam Vitality discounted rate of Php2,000 per month.

Instead of a cash refund, the Philam Vitality discount benefit will be provided in the form of a membership period extension. To calculate his extended membership term, UFC Gym will devide his remaining paid balance of Php12,000 as of February 2019 by the Philam Vitality discounted membership rate of Php2,000 per month (Php12,000 ÷ Php2,000 = 6). Mr. Santos will enjoy an extended membership period of six(6) months starting February 2019 as a Philam Vitality member, instead of the original balance of two(2) months as a non-Philam Vitality member.

Earn up to 100 Philam Vitality Points a day when you work out at UFC Gym

Up to a maximum of 15,000 points each year

Terms and Conditions:

  • UFC Gym membership enrollment as a Philam Vitality member will only be processed through online application process below. Walk-in applications will not be accepted.

  • You can sign up a maximum of two (2) more people who will receive the same benefit as the enrolled Philam Vitality Member. The Benefit granted to the declared extension(s) should not be used for monetary gain.

  • The membership term must be for a minimum of three (3) months.

  • Joining fees will be waived by UFC Gym for new members.

  • The discount applies to new memberships and can be extended to existing UFC Gym members after application through Existing Member Application form.

  • You can avail up to three (3) supervised orientation workouts for new members during the initial UFC Gym membership period.

  • The Philam Vitality discount does not apply to personal training fees.

  • You can earn 100 Philam Vitality Points a day when you work out at UFC Gym. If more than 1 physical activity has been completed on the same day, the highest number of fitness points for the day will be awarded.

  • By enrolling at UFC Gym as a Philam Vitality member, you will be authorizing UFC Gym to transfer or share data with Philam Vitality to enable the granting of Philam Vitality points during your gym visits. This is valid as long as both memberships for Philam Vitality and UFC Gym are active.

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