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Philam Vitality Health Check

The Philam Vitality Health Check is a quick check to help you identify the risk of developing a chronic condition.

You may visit our partner, Makati Medical Center, to complete the Philam Vitality Health Check.

Makati Medical Center is a world-class medical facility located in the Philippines. It has provided decades of trusted service to patients, families and communities.

What You Need to Know

You can enjoy exclusive rates for the Philam Vitality Health Check at the Makati Medical Center.

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Earn 750 Philam Vitality Points

for each test in the Philam Vitality Health Check and an additional 750 points for each result within the healthy range.

AssessmentRegular Price (PHP)Philam Vitality Price (PHP)
  • Body Composition (fat analysis)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Glucose

Note: Price is Vat inclusive.

Please note:

Members may only earn Philam Vitality Points for BMI and blood pressure measurements and additional points for results that are within the healthy range, once each membership year. The measurements may be taken during the Philam Vitality Health Check, the Philam Vitality Nutrition Consultation, the Philam Vitality Fitness Assessment, advanced assessment and optional screens at Makati Medical Center, or by self-submitting results from an external source such as your general practitioner.

You will be awarded Philam Vitality Points up to 10 days after your Philam Vitality Health Check at Makati Medical. You can have your health check done at another healthcare provider and claim your Philam Vitality Points by submitting proof of your results. You will not enjoy the Philam Vitality discount when using another healthcare provider.

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