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Philam Vitality Health Check

The Philam Vitality Health Check is a quick check to help you identify the risk of developing a chronic condition.

Philam Vitality members can enjoy a 10% discount off a Philam Vitality Health Check at Hi-Precision Diagnostic clinics throughout the Philippines.

Hi-Precision is a leading health care provider in the Philippines which offers one-stop comprehensive and quality health care services with advanced imaging technology and experienced health care professionals.

What You Need to Know

You can enjoy exclusive rates for the Philam Vitality Health Check at designated clinics under Hi-Precision.

Earn 750 Philam Vitality Points

for each test in the Philam Vitality Health Check and an additional 750 points for each result within the healthy range.

TestRecommended Retail Price (Php)Philam Vitality Price (Php)Discount
(weight and height)




Blood Pressure
Waist Circumference
Random or Fasting Glucose
Total Cholesterol

VAT is not applicable.


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