Philam Vitality helps you improve your health

Improve Your Health

Philam Vitality makes healthy living more affordable with exclusive discounts at our partners. You'll enjoy special rates on a gym membership, workout gear, healthy food and smoking cessation courses. You'll earn Philam Vitality Points as you achieve your goals and head towards better health. The more points you earn, the higher your Philam Vitality Status and the greater your rewards!

Gym and Fitness

Enjoy 70% off on your monthly membership fees when you sign up for 3 months or more in any Gold’s Gym or UFC Gym nationwide.

Plus, every work out at Gold’s Gym or UFC Gym will earn 100 Philam Vitality Points.

Stop Smoking

We help make your goal to stop smoking more affordable. Sign up for Makati Medical Center’s smoking cessation programme and enjoy 10% discount.

Sign an online non-smoker's declaration after staying smoke-free for 3 months and earn 1,000 Philam Vitality Points.

Fitness Devices

Enjoy up to 25% off Garmin devices when you buy them through the Philam Vitality website.

Earn up to 100 Philam Vitality Points when you sync your workout data from your fitness device to Philam Vitality.

Organized Fitness Events

Earn up to 1,500 Philam Vitality Points for each organized fitness event you participate in.

Sleep Tracking

Earn up to 1,825 Philam Vitality Points per membership year by tracking your sleep using a compatible device.