How Philam Vitality works

How Philam Vitality Works

Philam Vitality is the science-backed wellness programme that works with you to make real change to your health. Get the knowledge, tools and motivation you need to do well on your journey towards healthy living so that you get more out of life and enjoy the rewards, while being protected against risk.

Start your journey today - in three easy steps!

Know Your Health

Discover the state of your health by completing the Philam Vitality Health Review and other health assessments and earn Philam Vitality Points as you do!

Improve Your Health

Once you've completed the Philam Vitality Health Review, we will suggest personal health goals based on your health status. Select the recommended goals you would like to set and use Philam Vitality Partners to help you get healthier and earn Philam Vitality Points along the way.

Enjoy The Rewards

Enjoy immediate rewards from an array of partners! Plus, as you work towards improving your health, you earn Philam Vitality Points and increase your Philam Vitality Status. The higher your status, the greater your rewards!